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Sunday Evening
May 7, 2017

When You Worship…

When You Worship...

In Nehemiah 9, the battles are no longer against neighboring adversaries; the real fight is against sin in the heart.

April 16, 2017

Rejoicing in the Word

Rejoicing in the Word

How should the Jews’ attention and reaction to the Law in Nehemiah 8 impact ours to God’s Word?

March 26, 2017



What does God’s Word teach about the doctrine of justification, and how does it clash with what the Roman Catholic Church falsely teaches?

February 5, 2017

Walking in the Fear of the Lord

Walking in the Fear of the Lord

The church is not always a conflict-free zone, but when we see hurt feelings and over-sensitivity brewing, we must act in a Christ-like way.

January 29, 2017

The Church’s Onward Focus

The Church's Onward Focus

Among the many, Christ has given His church the duties of discipline and discipleship. What do these duties look like?

January 22, 2017

The Church’s Outward Focus

The Church's Outward Focus

Believers have responsibilities toward their brother and sister ‘neighbors’ within the body of Christ. What are their responsibilities to their neighbors outside the body?

January 15, 2017

The Church’s Inward Focus

The Church's Inward Focus

I Corinthians 12, along with what the Word shares about the life of Christ, sheds much light on how believers love one another.

January 8, 2017

The Church’s Upward Focus

The Church's Upward Focus

What is the church, and what is its purpose? Ephesians answers both questions.

December 11, 2016

A Firewall for the Fired Wall

A Firewall for the Fired Wall

Amid external and internal opposition to the Jerusalem wall reconstruction, Nehemiah exhorted his fellow Jews to not fear the situation, remember the God on their side, and fight if necessary.

December 4, 2016

Rise Up and Build

Rise Up and Build

While some Jews miserably blew their opportunity to help rebuild Jerusalem’s wall, many stepped up despite having no prior experience in getting their hands dirty. On the same token: how have you, Christian, gotten your ‘hands dirty’ in the biblical building up of other believers?

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