Our Deacons

Our Deacons

2016-03-27 Deacons 2016-17

  • Dan Corey
  • Marvin Haywood
  • Izaac VanderSchel

What Is a Deacon?

The first deacons arose out of a need in the church (Acts 6:1–6; cf. 1 Tim 5:3–16). The word “deacon” means “servant.” The congregation chose these seven men to meet this specific need. Their qualifications are similar to those of the elders, the main difference being that the gift of teaching is not required (Acts 6:3; 1 Tim 3:8–13). The emphasis of the qualifications is on spiritual maturity, not physical, social, or financial concerns. Deacons serve the church, ministering especially (but not exclusively) to the physical needs of the fellowship (Acts 6:1–4; 6:8–7:60; 8:5–12; 21:8).

According to our church constitution, the deacons of Westerville Bible Church have four main duties:

  • Act as the legal representatives of the Congregation (trustees of the corporation)
  • Care for the physical property of the Church (including the oversight of the custodian)
  • Help those in the fellowship who are in need
  • Be ready and willing to assist the elders in any spiritual matter