Who We Are

Our Distinctives

Westerville Bible Church is a Bible-believing church.

We believe the Bible and submit completely to its authority. We preach the Bible and attempt to obey it in every area of our lives. If you come to our church, you will hear a message from the Bible, explaining what it means and how we can apply its truth to our daily lives.

Westerville Bible Church is an independent church.

We are not run by a denomination or convention. We attempt to practice scriptural separation from unbelief, from disobedient brothers, and from worldly and sinful practices.

Westerville Bible Church is a missions-minded church.

We believe that God commands all believers to be actively spreading the Gospel, the good news that we can be right with God through faith in the person and finished work of Jesus Christ. We seek to support likeminded missionaries around the world through our giving and with our prayers. We also seek to reach out to the community around us and take the light of God’s Word to them.

Westerville Bible Church embraces traditional, God-honoring music.

We believe that music is an important part of our worship and we recognize that our worship must be acceptable to God. For this reason, we use music with both God-honoring lyrics and a worshipful sound. We use the old hymns of the faith, along with newer hymns and songs that have a sound distinct from the world.

Westerville Bible Church is a member of the Ohio Bible Fellowship.

We are a part of this fellowship of churches and pastors from around the state. We actively participate in the camping program of the Fellowship’s camp, Peniel Bible Camp.