Posted by Mark Perry

So our church has a new website. . .what does that mean to you?

In addition to content that would be of interest to those unfamiliar with our church, there are several new features that can help you.

  1. News/announcements section: The news section contains posts that will keep you up to date. If you use an RSS reader (like Google Reader or NewsGator), you can subscribe to our church’s feed (
  2. Sermons online: The website has an integrated section for online sermons ( Sermons are available to listen, to download (MP3), and to view PDF notes. You can also subscribe to the podcast (
  3. Links to social networking: The website is also connected to our church Facebook page ( and Twitter (@wbc2665). Additionally, sermons and posts can be “liked” or “tweeted” with buttons at the bottom of each page so you can share these with your friends. Try it out—you’ll love it!
  4. Integrated calendar: The church calendar is available online to keep you updated regarding upcoming events. If you use Google Calendar or iCal you should be able to add the church calendar into your personal calendar as well.

We hope the website will be helpful to you, keeping our church family connected and giving timely information to those who want to learn more about Westerville Bible Church! If you have any questions or comments, please contact Pastor Perry.