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Why is life so confusing?

Everybody gives different answers to life’s tough questions. Is there even a right or wrong answer? Does it even matter?

What if you could get God’s answers to your questions?

Join us in exploring God’s answers to life’s big questions in January 2014 at Westerville Bible Church. This four-week series will meet on Monday nights in January at 7:00–8:00 p.m. We will meet in a casual classroom setting, with no pressure. Listen to the explanation from God’s Word and continue the conversation over refreshments afterwards. There is no cost, and your questions are welcome!

  • January 6: What is the Bible?
    Why start here? What makes the Bible special? How can I understand the Bible?
  • January 13: Who is God?
    What is God like? What does God do? Why does it matter to me?
  • January 20: Who is Jesus Christ?
    What makes Jesus special? What was the purpose of his life? Where is he now?
  • January 27: What is the gospel?
    What’s the big deal about sin? What is faith? Why do I need to be saved?

Where is this happening?

We are meeting in the lower level of Westerville Bible Church, 2665 Schrock Rd, one traffic light east of Cleveland Avenue. If you have questions, please contact us! We hope to see you there!

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